What About Bad Weather? There are no rules. Most car guys and gals wanna take their wheels out only when the weather is nice. So whether the weather is “good” or “bad” is up to you. When it’s borderline, please expect the turnout to be less than normal.  We’ll see you on all those first and third Saturdays!

As spring time approaches, watch your email blasts to know when we really get rolling. (Not on our email blast list? Please see the “Contact Page” if you’re interested.)


Official meet time is 8am to 10am, though lotsa people come just a little late to make sure we hear their exhaust note.


Once in a while there’s a month with a 5th Saturday. We don’t meet on 5th Saturdays... only those 1st and 3rds.


What about the weather? Please see the black paragraph above for the full weather scoop.