Please click the link above to email us with any questions about BCX. “Info” will respond (reasonably) quickly.


You can also ask to be put on either our private or public mailing list. Both will keep you abreast of any driving events we organize and also when (or if) we plan to shut down for the winter and reopen for the spring.

The private list will keep your identity private (thus the clever name) while the public list will show you the other BCXers’ email addresses who are on the public list (and of course, they’ll see yours as well).


The public list offers the advantage to any group of drivers who want to get together any time they choose, to easily contact each other and make their own arrangements to do so. This might be nice to do during the winter months when some nice weather pops up unexpectedly.


Just send an email specifically requesting to be added to either the private or public email list. (Thanks!) Other than as described above, your information will never be disseminated elsewhere.